Chicken Processing


Butchering is on hold due to equipment failure.


We process chickens under the custom slaughter exemption. You cannot resale your chickens that were processed with us. All of our processed chickens are weighed and labeled with the date of processing on the label. We vacuum seal everything we produce for our customers.


Drop off for chicken processing is a scheduled appointment usually in the morning. We require you to withhold feed. Birds must be presented in good health. Birds must be in a secure cage. Cages will be returned on pickup. We let your birds rest on ice for 24 hours before packaging. We use the "dry" method for aging by keeping them on ice but keeping the ice very well-drained.


Base Fee:
Meat Birds                       $4
Layers                             $5


Parting                             $ 1
Halving/Spatchcock           $.50
Gizzards                           $0.50
Livers                               $0.25
Hearts                              $0.25
Necks                               $0.25
Feet                                 $0.25

All prices include vacuum sealing.


We do NOT process ducks or any waterfowl. We do NOT process turkeys, we can't fit them in our equipment.


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