Current Breeding Pens

Kelly's Irish Acres has acquired Cream Legbar Stock from two different breeders and has good genetic diversity. We have mixed both lines over the years with the best from both to make our own lines. These are purebred Cream Legbars, they all have excellent crests.

Cream Legbar are currently not available. We have Olive Eggers while we wait for a replacement cockerel.

Our Cream Legbar stock has come from many sources but is our own line. We have made lots of selections with a goal of all cream color plumage, a good body type, and full crests. Our egg color ranges from blue to blue/greens and we are okay with that for right now as that meets the standard and is desirable to most backyard flock owners. We are focusing on healthy strong chickens as a base to work off of, we will tackle isolating only blue egg layers when we bring in more outside blood.

Our Bielefelder are from a breeder local to Michigan. These are old imports that do not have white ear lobes, at least we haven't seen any in the three years we have had them. They lay jumbo brown eggs and are the most docile breed on the farm. Dual purpose.

Our Svart Hona comes from a breeder in Ohio. We purchased them as a breeding quad so we could see the quality of the birds before we purchased them. We are very happy with what we are working with! Although we don't breed away from leakage, we don't have much at all iin our lines. We see an occasional single white birchen feather in the hackle of some roosters and nothing at all in our hens.

Our Bresse came straight from Greenfire Farms. We have a pen producing chicks now and they are incredible! Great tasting meat birds, the pullets/hens lay an incredible amount of eggs. We advise keeping the hens when processing time comes along as these are some of the best layers we have on our farm!

Cream Legbars


Svart Hona


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