We produce custom fodder systems! These systems are what we use on the farm every day. They have been tested and proven for years. We are currently running a 40x60 system with 3 levels and this helps us save on feed costs every day. The trays of our system are very easy to clean, which is important with growing/sprouting seed. All you need to do is control the environment that this system is in. The better you can control your environment, the better your fodder will do.

Kelly's Irish Acres is committed to feeding our chickens the best we can get them. We believe this is barley fodder. This high protein food source is all natural, non-gmo and can be an organic crop. It requires no soil and only takes 7 days or less to grow from seed to feed. You can convert 1lb of seed into up to 8lbs of fodder, depending on how well you can control your fodder systems environment. Barley seed can be found from $10 per bushel to $30 per bushel. We do not recommend paying over $22 per bushel in the southwest Michigan Area. A Bushel is 48 lbs.

If you need help finding seed, or would like to buy seed from us please don't hesitate to contact us! When looking for good seed for fodder the first thing to look for is a tag on the bag that lists the germination rate. If no rate is listed use caution, buy a test bag. We will only buy seed that is 95% germination and up. You want to buy the seed they would plant in a field. Using other seed (feed seed or bin run) will still produce fodder but it will not be full thick mats.

If you don't keep your system, seed, and your environment clean you will get mold. If you get mold you don't get feed. Wash the seed, soak the seed, wash the seed. Spray trays with bleach after a weeks use and wipe them down if needed.

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