Shipping/Delivery/Pickup Options

Delivery Options 2019!

1.) We offer to ship through the USPS with our own live arrival guarantee. We ship with the fastest method possible at the time of shipment. This is usually 1-day express, some areas are 2-day express. If a chick does not arrive to you alive, we refund you for each chick that didn't make it. Free Chicks are not refunded

For the year 2020 we have opted to not renew our NPIP. The state of Michigan does not include AI testing in their NPIP program which makes shipping very difficult, and not possible in a majority of our most requested states. We are sorry to our many customers who have gotten chicks this way from us. We hope to add it again in the future.

2.) We hand deliver chicks and chickens now! No more gambling with the post office. We deliver within 100 miles of the farm, exceptions do apply and longer distances are considered. We can deliver them to your house or to a separate mutually agreed upon place. Price is based on miles traveled. When multiple deliveries are made to the same town at the same time a discount is given. We reserve the right to request payment in full before delivery. If for any reason chicks are not delivered to you 100% of your payment is refunded to you the same day.

3.) Pick up from this address at a mutually agreed upon time. 61112 M-51 HWY & I-94, M-51, Paw Paw, MI 49079. This is a gas station right off of I94 that is very easy to get to. This makes it convenient for most customers.

4.) You can also come directly to the farm for pickup, we do not allow customers to pick out their own chicks from our brooders. When you pick up chicks from the farm we will have them in a box ready for you when you arrive. Visits to the farm remain appointment only. Tours of the breeding pens are not allowed for Bio-Security concerns.


Shipping Rules and regulations


We ship chicks with a live arrival guarantee. To qualify for this guarantee you have to follow our rules for picking up a shipment. They're as follows:


When you're called into the post office for your chicks, bring a camera with you. You'll need to take pictures of:

  • The box before its open

  • The box after its open

  • The box with all the live chicks not in it.


You must make a reasonable effort to get the chicks within 1 hour of them arriving at the post office.


You must contact us within 2 hours of the chicks arriving at the post office.


If any of these rules are not followed Kelly's Irish Acres reserves the right to not issue a refund.


Shipping fees are only refunded when the post office refunds the fee directly to Kelly's Irish Acres. Box fees, Heat pack fees and any other costs associated with the packaging of chicks are not refundable. If we have to overpay our shipping estimate given to you, the amount we overpaid will not be refunded. Shipping refunds are not issued until the check from the USPS arrives at Kelly's Irish Acres unless the amount is below $25.


If the customer overpays Kelly's Irish Acres for shipping, the amount that is overpaid will be refunded to their PayPal account. This amount is determined by Kelly's Irish Acres and is not negotiable.


Our box fee is $3 per box. Heat pack fee is $2 per heatpack used.

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